More trouble in paradise



A masked gang who gunned down a British man during a robbery at his mother’s home in the Bahamas may have struck before, police said.

Emrick Seymour, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahamas police force, said that the killers of Edgar Dart, who was shot in the chest and left to die in front of his family on Tuesday, may have been responsible for a recent attack in a neighbouring community.

An 82-year-old man had survived a machete attack in his home that bore similarities to the one in which Mr Dart was killed. “It’s a strong possibility that they could be the very same people behind both incidents,” Mr Seymour said.

The island of Grand Bahama, where Mr Dart was killed as he tried to protect his 13-year-old son, his recently widowed mother and other relatives, has had six homicides this year, four in the past week alone. A rise in robberies and murders across the Bahamas has compounded concerns about the effect of high crime levels on tourism. Mr Dart, 56, formerly of Topsham, Devon, had emigrated to Canada 16 years ago. He was visiting his mother, Joy, 79, who has lived on Grand Bahama since 1996, when three men broke into the house armed with a gun and a machete.

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